2023 Participating Artists

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The essence of identity: Who do you think you are?

Meg Noack
610mm x 510mm  /  
Polychrome pencil
Highly Commended - Works on Paper

The essence of human identity lies buried within family stories of love and loss, belonging and comfort. A closer study of family narratives often reveals additional adventurous yarns of hardships, pain and quiet heroism. But it is portraits of ancestors that hold a particular fascination. It is as if they stare back at us to shape us and challenge us: “Welcome to the world, child.” “Welcome to the family, bride.” “We share your pain. We have lost deeply-loved family members too.” If only they could talk now. What stories would they share? What secrets would be revealed?

Powerful interpretation of the theme. Beautifully drawn. Great conceptual development / narrative behind this work.

About the artist

Noack has recently become more aware of the quiet, strong women-ancestors who have shaped who she is. She has revisited their amazing stories and studied their attention-grabbing photographs. They were born in different eras of time. Yet their stories contain common threads of grit, love, service and faith. The essence of an identity that is timeless.