I'm delighted to introduce the 10th Regional Artists Exhibition, the region's premier showcase for local artists, on behalf of the Western Downs Regional Council.

The theme of Essence challenges our artists to look beyond the discernible and delve into the heart of their subject through a visual medium of choice. 

Similarly, visitors to this culturally rich and diverse display are challenged to explore deep into their own essence to deconstruct which individual works reverberate on a deeper level and why.

Essence speaks to the purest form of something, an extract or concentrate that enhances our experience of the world through flavour and scent.

This year’s theme – Essence – really resonates with me. Essence defines the primal, inherent nature of a person, place, object, or idea. 

I believe it’s the people that make our communities; they are the essence of what makes the Western Downs a unique and truly wonderful place to be. 

Look beyond the region’s buildings, infrastructure, and landscapes; our people are at the heart, the essence, of our active, vibrant communities.

I am certain that you will find at the very core of this collection, works that will inspire, captivate, and resonate. Congratulations to the artists, administrators and curator on delivering another fascinating exhibition.

Mayor Paul McVeigh

Western Downs Regional Council